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Community Relations
Seminars. Tours. Contests. Special events. These are ongoing events that build a following, like The Pillsbury Bake-off and the Boston Marathon. Perfect for PR positioning.

"I have attended several seminars on advertising and public relations... by far, yours has been the most comprehensive. I learned more about the nuts & bolts of this business in a few hours that all other classes combined. Thank you for your information & professional approach."
Jackie Abrams,
Director of Marketing
Mr. Stax, Ltd., Restaurant

Waste Management

Miracle on Broadway

Pepperdine University
Amazing Maize Maze

"Naomi helped us produce our first booklet, 'How to Hire a Computer Consultant." Her knowledge, experience, expertise and creativity resulted in a very successful first-class professional piece for our marketing efforts."
Nessa Memberg, Marketing Director
Compas Technologies


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