Eliminate spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in your promotional materials before they are printed or placed online!


Treat Your Business to a Copy Editor for Only $75 a Page

So, what exactly is a copy editor? Before you waste tons of money on printing and media
advertising, a copy editor is a skilled writer who checks your written materials for grammar,
punctuation, and spelling errors (the mistakes spell checker does knot pick up due to usage).

A few years ago, I attended a professional seminar put on by Young and Rubicam Public
Relations. The speaker placed his first slide on a large screen...
"How to Please Your Customers" brought to you by Young and Rubicam Pubic Relations.
It can happen to the best of us!

Editing for spelling does not include: foreign languages, proper nouns (a capitalized person,
place or thing), slang, medical, technical, mathematical or scientific terms.

Exceptions: if you include a cover page of correctly spelled, alphabetized words or phrases used throughout your text, I will match them to your list.
You can e-mail me at or phone me at (818) 889-3514.
Professional! Cost-effective! Absolutely necessary!

Naomi Finkel, the owner of Say It With Words, is an award-winning copywriter,
marketing consultant, college instructor and business journalist.




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