Partial Client List

Since 1982, Say It With Words has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and major corporations in all industries develop innovative, targeted strategies for increased recognition, growth and profits. I would love to list them all. Following are a few…


Client: Costco
Warehouse stores located internationally
Project: The Costco Connection Newsletter
Costco publishes a newsletter for their business members. I have written numerous how-to articles directed toward business owners and marketing executives. The response is always very gratifying.

Client: Comprehensive Managed Care
Professionals in health field are hired to give onsite demonstrations to reduce work-related injuries, which in turn reduces workers' compensation cases.
Project: Sales video sent to Human Resource personnel
I wrote the script for a twelve minute video. Extensive research with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, injured workers, ergonomic specialists and human resource executives laid the foundation for a successful marketing tool. We had a professional narrator and great video production company.

Client: Auto Lube
Oil change stations
Project: Radio commercials on local networks
I wanted to use a slice of life, so I wrote thirty second scripts that involved people of all ages, in all walks of life who rely on their cars to get them wherever they're going. We had a tag line that stressed you should have your oil changed every 3000 miles. Auto Lube greased their palms when they sold to Jiffy Lube.

Client: Wilshire Home Entertainment
A store selling upscale television screens, musical and electronic equipment for the home and office.
Project: Public relations, "Humanitarian of the Year."
We designated September as Community Appreciation Month. For every purchase made at the store in the month of September, 10% of the purchase price was given to a charity or organization of the buyer's choice. As a result of this PR ploy, the owner was voted "Humanitarian of the Year" by a major, local newspaper.

Client: MWS Wire Industries
MWS is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of wire.
Project: Onsite business writing workshops...
Writing Right!
When the session is interactive, it really helps to have a lively group. Each participant received a workbook I created. One session, we worked on the basics of grammar, punctuation and spelling. In another workshop, we did some role playing and wrote business letters. I started these workshops about five years ago at the request of a CEO who was embarrassed by the email messages going out.

Client: First Western Development Company
Specialists in the development of retail, office
and industrial space
Project: Tiered pocket folder
I love the pocket folder and use it with many clients. If any part of your marketing message changes, you just remove one tiered page and create a new one. No waste! No major printing charges! Small copywriting and design fee! Our title headlines included: range of services; projects completed with photos; testimonials; principal bios; references; and a reply form.

Client: American Whitewater Expeditions
River rafting adventures on the American River
Project: Twenty page sales brochure
I am a white water, river rafting nut, so this assignment was right up my chute. With my background and knowledge of the sport, I added pertinent information to an old, existing sales piece. Here's what was missing: the location of the river and meeting place; testimonials; the classes of rivers ( rivers are rated by difficulty); what to bring; group discounts and specials; and most important; the wonderful meals prepared by the staff complemented with complimentary beverages... alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I completed this project ten years ago and it is still going strong.

Client: Home Security
An alarm and patrol company
Project: Postcard updates
Here's a case showing why you should occasionally toot your own horn. Home Security had an outstanding track record of deterring crime in the community associations they represented; however, their customers were not aware of the crimes that were thwarted due to strict diligence. Sooo, assuming there was no need to worry, numerous homeowners did not renew their policies. We started a quarterly update postcard campaign with a detailed progress report. Within a year, there was a 78% increase in renewals. Home Security sold to Protection One.



Client: Waste Management
Pick up and disposal of trash
Project: Educational booklet
Ever since Eve threw her apple core on the grounds of Eden, mankind has had an ongoing problem with trash. I was hired to create an educational booklet to give to school groups on their tours of landfills. I described the history of waste disposal going back to the Egyptians. We showed the composition of a landfill and what happens to the tons of waste. Did you know that an important byproduct of landfills is methane gas?

Client: Mervyns
A department store
Project: Customer survey for new location
Talk about a challenge! Mervyns wanted to build a newly designed store located in a mall in an upscale community. There was tremendous opposition because homeowners had the perception of Mervyns as a factory-type box store from previous locations. Working with their marketing department, we noted that people with a Mervyn's credit card in this tony area spent thousands of dollars at Mervyn's in outlying locations. I developed a ten question survey to people in this area: how much do you spend annually at Mervyns; would you like a Mervyn's in this area; and may we use your name to show your support? The clincher... we would send a $25 gift certificate to each person who returned the survey. The response was overwhelming! Mervyn's built their store in this upscale area.

Client: Cydcor
They are the world's largest outsourced, face-to-face sales force for Fortune 500 companies
Project: Internal Web site bios of corporate vice presidents
Actually, these were revisions of existing bios that needed some spice and jazz. The VP's were accomplished, dynamic go-getters who had energy flowing from every pore. The rejuvenated bios reflected their vibrant personalities. My new text was a "follow-me" call for new recruits.

Client: Star Data Express, Inc.
Sale of computer accessory products online and by catalog
Project: Introduction of "Frequent Buyer Program"
I created a two color, two side product sheet for Star Data Express, Inc. The key attraction was our Frequent Buyer Program... "Within 12 consecutive months, for every $2000 you make in purchases, receive a FREE gift of your choice from our catalog, value up to $100." Sure, we took it from the airlines. We also gave 10% off the next order for each referral who makes a minimum $100 purchase. This is really a form of customer appreciation... and it works!

Client: JEG, Inc.
A major marketing company for hospitals nationwide specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery
Project: Patient survey/ newsletters
I was retained to created quarterly newsletters for JEG, Inc. These would go to their former patients, prospects, doctors and the media. I heard wonderful things about the results of weight loss surgery, but I wanted to hear from the people who benefited from the procedure. My patient survey asked about their experiences, the changes in their lifestyle and for before and after photos. We had a 38% response rate! In addition to health hints, recipes and current news, the most popular page in the newsletter was the one featuring true life stories and photos. In a follow-up survey, this was also the page that turned prospects into patients of JEG, Inc.

Client: Debt Termination Services DTS
A company that helps people get out of debt by negotiating with their creditors
Project: Revised newspaper ad
What a difference a few words can make! DTS had a small ad in a local paper with no response. The most critical part of your ad is the headline... the benefit you offer. I completely redid the ad. The new headline read, "In debt? We can help!" Under the headline I said call for a free consultation and gave a toll-free number. A few more short lines explained how the program works. WOW! The phones are still ringing off the hook!

Client: Mini-Vac
A hand held mini-vacuum with many uses
Project: Brand identity
I named the product, showed its many uses and gave it its tag line. Originally, the CEO wanted to show how photographers could use the product to clean lenses. Wait a minute! What about cleaning the dirt off keyboards, miniature models, arts and craft projects, stereo equipment, and much more. Working with a commercial photographer, we created an attractive product sheet showing the many uses. To alleviate a concern about possible damage, my tag line was, "The powerful micro-cleaner with the delicate touch." I then went on to name the numerous features. We had a winner!

By the way, with the majority of my clients, the relationship is ongoing. It is rare that I work on just one project. Which makes sense (cents) since I now know who you are, what you do and how you bring value to your consumer.

Say It With Words specializes in corporate communications, marketing strategies and onsite business writing workshops.Your referrals are greatly appreciated.



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